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Maurine Adrezin commented on TQPM's group In the Beginning
"Hi Tonya Merryman -  My email is: if you want to contact me about making a needle felted bear for you."
Cindy Mccoy (TQPM staff) replied to Rita A's discussion Blog
"Rita, the box is like a twitter box, you can only put in 140 charterers.  To put in a real blog post, click " Blog post" to the right of "Share" just above the box.  That should pop up a window where you can make a full…"
Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) commented on TQPM's group TQPM EQ Creativity Call
"Nancy - Love your block - very pretty. I made mine using my add-a-quarter but an add-an-eighth would have been nice. I think mine came out OK size wise but I trimmed each section to the right size before I added the next section. "
Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group TQPM EQ Creativity Call
"Joanne, mine is not a perfect 12-1/2" square either.  When we are testing a pattern, we are to test by what we are given, even it that is not the way we would normally (or should I say preferably) do something. Since I know it was my…"
Sandie Singer commented on TQPM's group Fat Quarter Fun
"Congratulations to all the winners.   Wasn't that exciting.   I won one last time and I was just so thrilled to be a winner.   I think you all are the best group of people, and I really enjoy reading the…"
Maurine Adrezin commented on TQPM's group In the Beginning
"Love the fabric and blocks.  You will have a wonderful quilt when it's finished."
Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep) commented on TQPM's group TQPM EQ Creativity Call
"Oh Nancy your block is so pretty. The center reminds me of those bright pinwhels on the sticks I used to play with as a kit. When I made mine the parts did not line up and the overall was not 12.5". I believe the foundations printed a bit off.…"
Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group TQPM EQ Creativity Call
"LOL.  When I look at all the blocks I have made to date, as they are posted in my EQ photo album, my "Azaleas Along a Rail Fence" block, EQ 014, looks totally out of place.  I will have to remember to make a couple more with…"
Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) posted a photo

EQ 016 Framed Wraped Star

My rendition of "Framed Wrapped Star" designed by Cindy Cooper as part of TQPM EQ Creativity Call.This has been one of the more challenging blocks I have made because the pieces were so small for the center block. But I do like the end result.…
Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group TQPM EQ Creativity Call
"I also tested this block. Part of the secret to this block is to trim the seams of the paper foundation units down to 1/8", to help reduce the bulk.  For those of you that use an "add-a-quarter" ruler, the same company also makes…"
Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group TQPM EQ Creativity Call
"Bonny and Joanne, I like both of your blocks.  The center stars really spin in both of them. "
Emma Lee Carpenter commented on TQPM's group In the Beginning
"Thanks so much for the information.  It will help tremendously to avoid the difficulties of searching.  You are always right there whenever there is a need.  Appreciate you, Bonny"
Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) commented on TQPM's group In the Beginning
"Emma - to help you avoid any difficulties here are a couple tips. To see someone's photos or photo albums, you can go to their page by clicking on their name. On the left, under that person's picture you will see links for both…"
Emma Lee Carpenter commented on TQPM's group In the Beginning
"Hi Rosemary.  Thanks for the good  suggestions.  I think that's what I will do.  I'm glad you like them; I think, though, a little color thread or adding color in the borders will do wonders. Less trouble than redoing a…"
Emma Lee Carpenter commented on TQPM's group In the Beginning
"Thank you Cindy .  I'm glad you like the design change for the star and my blocks.  Always good to read positive comments.  Thanks."
Nan Baker (TQPM Staff) commented on TQPM's group TQPM EQ Creativity Call
"Joanne, You may not have it make it to the quilt, but add 3 inches finished ( 3 1/2" cut) and you will have Kennel Quilt that you can mail to a shelter! Just a thought!"
Cindy Mccoy (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group TQPM EQ Creativity Call
"Another beautiful block.  Love the colors Joanne."
Rosemary Martens commented on Rosemary Martens's photo


"Yes Pixie (my cat) loves the quilts and she sleeps with me, has to be on the quilt not on a blanket I use when it gets really cold... She has her little tent on the couch, have a quilt from the top to the bottom of the cushion  and she crawls…"

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Looking for suggestions 9 Replies

Whew! My arm and hand are killing me.I had to make templates for a quilt I am making. I usually just use paper ones but I want to make this quilt again so decided to use template plastic.The one I used was the heavy duty. Man is it thick. Rotary…Continue

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So Many Patterns So Little Time! 4 Replies

I thought of the saying "So much Fabric, so little time!"  and then I went on to think about patterns in the same vein.   As I see what people are doing in the BOMs or the posts of photos of quilts that are shared, I think "Oh, oh, oh, I like, I…Continue

Started by Barbara Douglas (TQPM Staff) in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Barbara Douglas (TQPM Staff) Sep 20.

Blog Posts

Why isn't white - white?

Posted by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) on November 30, 2014 at 10:27am 2 Comments

I have been working on a number of different projects lately and have been using up the remainder of a bolt of white that I purchased a long time ago as my background or neutral.  When I decided to make another block for TQPM EQ Creativity Call, I went to pull some of that white I have been using, only to discover I did not have enough of the original bolt left for this block.  It was sitting there with some more white fabric remnants, so I grabbed another piece of white and took both over to the cutting table.  However, when I placed both pieces side by side on the cutting table, under the brighter lighting I have there,  I soon discovered that they were not the same white.

I began to look at some of the other remnants of white I have purchased over the years. They all look white, until I place them side by side.  Hence my question "Why isn't white - white?"

I have run into this problem before, not only with white, but with other colors, be they solids, tonals  or multicolored printed designs.  If I run short and go back to pick up some more (that is assuming you can even find it again) often times the next bolt is not the same color as what I have.  Those dye numbers can be very illusive things.

Oh well, I will go ahead and use the whites that I have on hand.  Working mainly from my stash and being on a tight budget, requires one to make do with what one has on hand.  All of those shades and tones of white will add character to my quilt.  As long as I remember not to put a piece of "snow" or "ivory" in it as those whites are definitely a totally different hue of white.

Relief with successful accomplishments

Posted by Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) on November 17, 2014 at 3:31pm 0 Comments

Today I shipped four packages with gifts for Christmas to my husband's four siblings. It is such a relief to have finished those projects. There are pictures of all of them in my photo album of finished quilts. Here is a link:

Of the 42 projects I wanted to complete before the end of the year, I now have the 10 that needed to be shipped complete. I have another 18 tops already done. I plan to layer up 3 of them this afternoon for quilting. One of those is a test quilt that will be in the January 2015 issue of TQPM. The other two are gifts.

In the meantime, the weather is nasty out - high today was 36˚F or 2˚C. It has been rainy and cloudy. We made a quick trip to the post office but other than that we are staying in side with our wood stove going.

The construction project is continuing even in this weather. I can't imagine working outside today. Fortunately, they have the roof up so they aren't getting rained on but the air is still frigid. The framing is going up for the interior walls. I really want to see the stairs go in - that will really pull it all together. Right now, step ladders are being used to move between the various levels. There are a total of four levels. The bottom is the basement. Up half a flight of stairs is the new entry and the garage. another half flight gets one to the level of the existing house and our 'transition' room that contains the stairwell and connects the existing house to the new section. Finally, another half flight takes one up to the new addition. See the picture below for reference. The window opening above the white truck is in the new section where my sewing space will be. I'll share the space with my husband and his photography stuff.…


Reality - Time versus Things to do

Posted by Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) on November 13, 2014 at 12:14pm 0 Comments

As progress continues on our addition, I am plugging away on my gift to do list. I have only 1 quilt left to quilt that needs to be shipped. It is layered and I will start on it this afternoon. I finished another top today - this one is for my brother-in-law and features foundation paper pieced airplanes. He got a degree in aeronautical engineering at Embry Riddle University so planes are an easy choice for him. The one I'm quilting is my design made completely with batiks from Connecting Threads. This one is for my sister-in-law who took care of first her mother and then her father at the end of their lives. She spent fifteen plus years caring for her parents. She happens to be an RN so was a natural choice but her heart is bigger than anyone else I know. My husband saw the design in EQ and thought it was for her. I was just playing with designs and fabrics and hadn't planned for it to be hers. When my husband said that, I knew I had to make it for her.

Reality is that I have way too many quilts to finish so I have prioritized them. I will finish all of those that will be shipped plus one for my aunt I will visit in Schenectady NY with my brother. I will also finish my brother's (G) and his wife's (B) so they can take them home with them. The rest will at least get finished tops - I'll quilt those for my sister's four grandchildren before I finish others.

In the meantime, our addition has a second floor and the walls are up. The rafters are probably two-thirds done. It is really looking like something. The picture below is from about a week ago. But now I'm concerned that it won't be finished enough for G & B to stay in when they come. That's almost five weeks away so maybe I'm silly to be concerned. Time will tell ....…


Time Progresses Whether We Are Ready or Not

Posted by Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) on November 6, 2014 at 10:16am 0 Comments

It is had to believe that in 6 short weeks my brother and his wife will be here for the holidays. In that time, our construction should be about finished. The second floor room is taking shape. The rafters and roof sheathing should be up next week.

In the meantime, I'm busily quilting and getting more behind. I think a number of recipients will be unwrapping quilt tops and not quilts. I have two more quilts to quilt that will be shipped. Those I will get done plus one for my 92 year old aunt. The remaining quilts are for folks I will be with at the holiday so I plan to finish all of the tops and then prioritize the quilting and finish as many as possible. I knew my plan was aggressive and I wouldn't be this far along if I hadn't pushed myself.

I cut out the pieces for another quilt last night. Of the 32 gifts planned, I have 8 finished plus 14 tops complete. Of the remaining 10 projects, 1 is table linens, and 1 is cut out. Two of these 10 involve foundation paper piecing. Four of them are designs I am either creating or modifying. The most complicated design is a pixel quilt where I am using 1 in finished squares to create a picture of a chihuahua's head for my brother's wife.

As if I didn't have enough to do, I also signed up for 2 test items for TQPM. The reports are due the 17th and the 31st of December. I have fabric selected for the first but not the second. I should have plenty in my stash but haven't taken the time to select anything just yet.

Technology can be wonderful and then it's not ...

Posted by Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) on October 25, 2014 at 7:34pm 1 Comment

I tried to update software on my laptop. There were 2 problems with that. First, I had not backed up my files. Second, my laptop's hard disk was almost full. Bottom line, there wasn't enough room for the update and it crashed my system. Ugh!

So I booted up my desktop that I haven't used in almost a year. It is on my desk in my sewing room but I have so little space the desktop is covered with rulers, spools of thread, pins, bobbins, etc., etc.

I was finally able after a number of ineffective trials, to get my desktop to see the hard drive in my laptop. Major success! I then backed up my files from my laptop and erased its hard drive so I could reinstall software.

I got my laptop back running now but it is empty. I still have to go through the hassle of reinstalling applications, importing my photos, music and other files. The good news is that my laptop isn't going to run out of hard disk space any time soon. The bad news is that it will take many hours to get everything I want back where I'd like to have it.

I just need to keep saying my mantra - "At least I didn't lose my files. At least I didn't lose my files."

I should embrace this as something productive to do when I need a break from free motion quilting. Tomorrow the sun will be out and I have spring bulbs to finish planting. I also have 2 finished projects to photograph and post. Then it is back to free motion quilting the retreat quilt. 

An update on construction: The reroof of our existing house just needs the fascia and soffit finished. The metal roofing will go on later but the sheathing is done and our chimney is taller. They finally put in the insulation this week. (Good thing since it has been cold and we are using our wood stove.)

As to the addition, the foundation walls have been poured and back filled. Seven truck loads of dirt were needed to fill the foundation. Next up will be walls and the slab poured. We'll have to wait and see how the…


Company and Rain

Posted by Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) on October 16, 2014 at 8:47am 1 Comment

Doesn't it always seem to happen this way - company arrived last evening and the rain arrived this morning. Fortunately the rain will be gone by the end of the day and our company is flexible so we might enjoy some good weather with them too.

We will still do some adventuring and exploring with them today. They are both photographers like my husband so I'm we'll find some nice places for them to photograph. We also have to go to our CSA today to pick up our share for the week. That will be part of their adventure.

I figured out what to make for the 4 additions to my gift list. I ordered fabric and selected patterns yesterday. Crisis is averted. Now I just need to keep making progress on all of them.  I'm about halfway through all of the work. As they get quilted I will add pictures.

Oh, No!

Posted by Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) on October 14, 2014 at 10:21pm 0 Comments

I realized something terrible today. I had forgotten 4 people on my Xmas gift list. That's four more projects to add - fabric to find, patterns to select, tops to piece, etc., etc. I have some ideas for 3 of them but will have to ponder the 4th. I thought I had everything under control but now ...

My projects for Xmas number 32 now. Four are finished. Seventeen other tops are complete. Seven I have the fabric but not a pattern yet. Life I said, I thought I had everything under control. Adding the 4 with nothing ... well, we'll see.

On the plus side, the construction project is moving along. The foundation walls were poured yesterday and the forms came off today. Our hole in the ground is starting to look like something. The new roof on the existing house is up. The men are working on the soffits and fascia now. Next up is blowing in the insulation and installing attic flooring. Space will free up in our house, it will stay warmer and it will be quieter!

The other good news is that my brother and his wife will be flying up from Florida to spend the holidays with my sister and I. It will be the first time the 3 of us have been together for the holiday since the 70's. We'll spend the holiday at my sister's in Liverpool, NY. It will be chaotic and noisy. My husband will hate it. Of course, we've spent the over 30 years hosting Christmas dinner for his family so it's my family's turn.


High Expectations for the end of 2014

Posted by Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) on September 24, 2014 at 9:16pm 6 Comments

Today, real work started on our addition. The addition will consist of a 3 stall garage with a room and half bath above plus a transition room connecting the new with our existing house. This transition room will house the stairs up and down. Four trees came down today - 2 cherry and 2 red oak. Tomorrow they go off to the saw mill. An existing retaining wall and concrete pad were yanked up and removed. The stakes with tape marking the area where the new construction will be are all in disarray. Even our garden shed got slid a few feet to make way for progress.

On the other side of our house sits our 12 x 16 foot deck. It has been pulled all the way around the house and will be reattached where a new door will be installed. This new door will replace the existing window in our bathroom. In time, the bathroom will be moved into a larger space which is currently my sewing room.

At 10 x 10 feet minus a closet that is 4 x 3 feet, my sewing room room holds a 40" x 60" table, a 36" x 60" desk, 2 short and 1 tall bookcase. Stash and batting in waiting takes up the floor space on one side of the table. On the other side I can sit either facing the table to sew or my desk. There are also shelves on the wall over one end of the table that holds more stash. In order to layer a quilt, the sewing machine goes on the floor under the table.  Cozy, yes; comfortable, no.

The new room will be 32 x 16 feet. It will only be 5 feet high along the sides where we will have some built-in storage. Of course, I will have to share this new space with my husband. He is an avid photographer and has boxes of equipment and images (slides, negatives, CDs, enlargements) that have been in boxes since we moved last summer.

I am dreaming of the day when I will have a real sewing cabinet and won't be sewing with the machine up on a table. My shoulders and neck are relaxing just thinking about that. I'll have a separate table for cutting and layering quilts. Plus my desk…


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