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Joyce Rischer liked Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep)'s photo
5 hours ago
Tomara Rhoden commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"Thanks everyone, Everyone quilts are so beautiful and very different for being the same patterns"
6 hours ago
Veronica Norris (PeePs Rep) left a comment for Joyce Rischer
"Welcome to Pattern Pastiche, you will enjoy it here. Everyone is friendly, very helpful and full of encouragement."
8 hours ago
Denise Mohler (PeePs Rep) left a comment for Joyce Rischer
"Welcome to Pattern Pastiche Joyce, you have joined an awesome group of quilters who will keep you inspired and likes to have fun. Please feel free to join in the groups. Relax and enjoy!!"
8 hours ago
Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"Emmy - How wonderful!"
9 hours ago
Emmy Prewitt commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"Thank you  Cindy, Denise, Kathryn, and Nancy."
10 hours ago
Joyce Rischer is now a member of Pattern Pastiche
10 hours ago
Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"Emmy, it looks wonderful!"
10 hours ago
Kathryn Errante commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"Emmy, your quilt looks so nice. Good job!"
11 hours ago
Denise Mohler (PeePs Rep) commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"Very Pretty Emmy"
11 hours ago
Cindy Mccoy (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"Way to go Emmy!  Very pretty."
13 hours ago
Emmy Prewitt commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"I got my row #9 done and all rows sewed together.100_8263.jpg"
13 hours ago
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14 hours ago
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Penny Brien posted a photo

Steiner Quilt 1

This is backed with royal blue fleece
Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep) replied to Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff)'s discussion May 2017 Quilting Goals
"Looks wonderful RB!"
Emmy Prewitt commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"I love it Tomara.  I love the different color rows!!"
Denise Mohler (PeePs Rep) commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"Very pretty Tomara"
Kathryn Errante replied to Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff)'s discussion May 2017 Quilting Goals
"RB, your Easy Garden quilt is so pretty. I like your colors."
Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) replied to Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff)'s discussion May 2017 Quilting Goals
"Well, we finally have a day when it hasn't rained (yet), so I was able to get one item checked off my new list: a) Take my Bernina to the LQS drop off point so the service tech can go over it.  DONE However, I forgot this is a long holiday…"

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May 2017 Quilting Goals 162 Replies

May brings to my mind...May Day, baskets of flowers, candy, dancing around the May Pole. Mother's Day, remembering all the women who have been a mother to us, biologically, adopted, mentor, other.Prom, fancy dresses, tuxedos, how grown up the…Continue

Tags: May 2017 goals

Started by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep) yesterday.

EQ Mystery quilt 4 Replies

Hey all you users of EQ7. I just finished working through the Skylights mystery quilt from DoYouEQ? (find it under the lessons tab). Of course I just did the EQ part, not the sewing part, but I enjoyed it a lot and I feel far less intimidated by the…Continue

Tags: Mystery, EQ

Started by RB in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) May 3.

April 2017 Quilting Goals 216 Replies

April.  What can be said about this month?April Showers bring May flowers... or so the saying goes.Passover... remembering our heritage, who we are...Easter... celebration, new bonnets, eggs, rabbits and chicks... new life and beginnings...USA Taxes…Continue

Tags: April 2017 goals

Started by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) in Members' Discussions. Last reply by RB May 1. 4 Replies

There has been much excitement on Pattern Pastiche about Kennel Quilts. I've felt a little left out because there isn't much need for them where I am and I'm not a fan of shipping stuff. I'm also not a fan of flyers left on my door or windshield.…Continue

Started by RB in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) May 1.

March 2017 Quilting Goals 78 Replies

March...In like a lion, out like a lamb. (?)Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Forty days of Lent.  Time for self-reflection, re-evaluation, change.Saint Patrick's Day.  Green, the color of growth.Spring officially arrives!  I have been watching the…Continue

Started by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep) Mar 31.

Our Quilt Guild makes "Fiddle" quilts for Alzheimer patients 3 Replies

We started making these quilts, and they are so fun to make -- they are about the size of a large placemat - and we have so much fun trying to come up with new ideas.  From the feedback we get, the patients are so pleased with them, and the staff…Continue

Started by Marion Jonker in Members' Discussions. Last reply by RB Mar 25.

Blog Posts

Aliens from Side-Track

Posted by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) on April 28, 2017 at 4:44pm 5 Comments

I wrote this as part of my entry in the "April 2017 Quilting Goals" discussion group, but thought I would also make it a blog post here.

My husband and I have a running joke: "I am often abducted by aliens from the planet Side-Track." We have determined I must be a very good candidate for what-ever experiments, or other learning experiences, they have in mind. Inevitably, I start out to do something, and find myself completing other tasks along the way. I eventually do get my original task accomplished, but sometimes it takes longer (because of the abduction) than expected.  Their favorite time to abduct me lately is when I am going into the kitchen to get a drink of water, but while there the dishwasher will get loaded or unloaded, a load of laundry will get sorted or started, the cats will get fresh water, the birdbath will get scrubbed, etc., etc. After a time, I return to the living room with my glass of ice water.

I say this as an introduction to what I have been able to accomplish in the last two days.  I measured and cut a piece of fabric I wanted to use for the backing for "On A Limb" table runner.  While I was preparing to fold up the remainder of the yardage, I thought it would be a good color to use in my 10th row of the "9-Patch Mystery".  So, I cut some 2" wide strips.  Then I cut some rust and darker brown strips.  Then I sorted through all of the scraps I have left from the pieces of white-on-white I have been using as my background, pulling all the 2" wide scraps, and 3-1/2" scraps.  I decided I needed to know if I had enough background scraps, which led me to the sewing machine to start piecing the 4-patch units.  First thing I know, I have finished Row 10!

1) Make 9th and 10th row of "9-Patch Rows Mystery"Both rows finished!

Luckily, those aliens remembered to bring me back today, as I was able to get my batting pressed (I hate packaged batting…


Anniversary gift

Posted by Tomara Rhoden on April 7, 2017 at 8:00pm 5 Comments

I have the best hubby. He got me EQ7 for a late anniversary gift. He seen I had it on my wish list. Think maybe I'll add a long arm quilter to it.Maybe he will get that for our 45th in 2 years, Now have to learn how to use it.

What pics can I post on Pattern Pastiche?

Posted by RB on March 15, 2017 at 7:03pm 9 Comments

Someone just asked this question. It's a good question and, as with most things, I have an opinion I want to share. ;-}

I love TQPM and the great patterns I've collected and made, and lessons I've learned by reading it. I love it when people post pics of the projects they've finished that were first published in the magazine. Part of the fun of quilting is seeing the way someone else envisioned a pattern that had never occurred to me.

I also love Pattern Pastiche. I love the inspiration I get and the friends I've made. Part of that is seeing all the fun things our members are making. There seems to be endless variety of quilts and bags and toys and even clothes and cats that appear in the photo vaults of PP. I browse them regularly. I'm excited each time a new photo pops up because I know someone is opening part of their heart for all of us to look into, and I'm grateful to be trusted with that whether it's a prize winning quilt or a silly pet.

Thanks Cindy and staff for making PP a safe place to share and learn. My time here has drawn me out of sewing alone in my basement, into a whole new joyful world of quilting. Most of my quilting friends live inside my computer, but I enjoy the association I have with them as much as my Real Life friends. Please friends, share your quilty successes, no matter where they came from!

PS. No one should have to quilt alone. Come join us at chat times (listed in the far right column of the main page) for instant help if you need it, and maybe a laugh or two with new friends.

The Opportunity Quilt

Posted by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) on February 27, 2017 at 2:52pm 7 Comments

 Every year my local quilt group makes an opportunity quilt that someone will have the privilege to take home with them at the end of our February quilt show.

This is the quilt that was made for the 2017 show:

Different members of the group were asked to make the hand appliquéd blocks.  Then the opportunity quilt committee set the blocks together and another member of the group did the exquisite custom machine quilting.  You cannot see it that well in this photo, but the outer edges of the quilt are scalloped and are finished with a double row of piping in lieu of a binding.  And no, I was not part of the membership that made this quilt, although I have made many pieced blocks for other opportunity quilts and was the chair and designer of a previous year's quilt.

At the end of the show, as the granddaughter of this year's committee chair was getting ready to draw the ticket out of the drum, I went to the microphone so I would be ready to announce the new owner's name when it was made known.  Someone called my name, and since I saw the ticket had been handed to the ticket committee chair, I asked "Who won?"  The answer: "Nancy Noah won."  Needless to say I was, and still am, in shock.

Like many people comment, I always get a ticket, but I never win anything.  

But one never knows.  The next time it may be your name that is called.

Donating quilts

Posted by Penny Brien on February 9, 2017 at 12:14pm 4 Comments

I love making quilts for a purpose.  Actually I just love making quilts for any reason, but especially if there is a purpose behind the quilt.

I have so many scraps left over from quilts that I have made for family and friends that I am now on a crusade to reduce the scrap stash in my sewing room.  That means making lots, and lots of quilts but having no final purpose for them.

This brought me to the conclusion that I should start donating quilts again so I have started looking through the small pieces of fleece I have and then making quilts according to the size fleece I have to back it (since I hate piecing a backing).  I have found I can now make 12 baby quilts from sizes 36 - 48 x 56 and 7 lap quilts approximately 55 x 68.  Awesome, but what about all those pieces 15x36 or 20x30 - well I found a solution for that too.  Kennel quilts!

I have joined the kennel quilt retreat in March and am stockpiling all of my backing pieces that would fit that bill.  I have contacted our local humane society and they are excited to get donations of quilts for the rescue animals and they told me that they need sizes 12 x 18 and 20 x 29 - so I am ecstatic because now I can make two sizes of kennel quilts and get rid of a ton of scrap pieces of fleece as well as all those smaller pieces of batting.  Hopefully along the way I will also acquire some new piecing techniques and find some new quilt blocks that I love.

I have several quilts that I have made in the last 6 months that I have not found a home for and those are going to our local charity to help homeless individuals in our school district.  They are going to receive several lap quilts next week and 3 twin size rag quilts that I made for grandchildren who decided they wanted a different color after they were made (it's not just women who constantly change their minds).  

I do not belong to a quilt guild or any kind of quilt group so this is all stuff I am doing on my own - however I am…


Dear Santa, define good...

Posted by RB on November 22, 2016 at 4:03pm 4 Comments

I plan to ask Santa for quilt designing software for Christmas. I'm looking for suggestions regarding EQ7 vs Quilt pro, or anything else you are using and love. And is a mini version good to start with or should I just jump in with the grown up version? Lastly, about how much should I tell Santa to expect to pay? Is there a coupon or other discount out there? I want to give Santa all the information I can so we can both be happy.



Posted by Terri Leensbak on November 13, 2016 at 12:13pm 2 Comments

Hi hints please for block 4, I have all except block 4 please please, thank you

Hidden Blocks

Posted by Marcia Gaskill McGarvey on October 25, 2016 at 4:46pm 9 Comments

I cannot find Blocks 21 and Block 24.  

I feel like I've been through every screen about 5 times.  

Will someone(pretty) please help.


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