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Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group Fat Quarter Fun
"And orange is my favorite color too!"
2 minutes ago
Bonni Feltz commented on TQPM's group Fat Quarter Fun
"Congrats to the winners!  Those are great colors. "
6 minutes ago
catherine jones commented on TQPM's group Fat Quarter Fun
"I love orange, sorry I missed out."
9 minutes ago
Cindy Mccoy (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group Fat Quarter Fun
"This is what you all have been waiting for! This month we are doing Orange Colors. The winners are:Bonny PetersBrenda HowardJudy NicelyNancy - Cat LadyTonya Merryman If you are one of the five above, please…"
16 minutes ago
Linda Frances Beasley left a comment for Leann McClain
" Thank you Leann, I will be very happy to be your friend."
52 minutes ago
Linda Frances Beasley and Leann McClain are now friends
53 minutes ago
Linda Frances Beasley commented on TQPM's group Fat Quarter Fun
"Hi Sandie, Sorry I missed your posts, ha ha how could I have missed them?  I just started at the top, but I think your post were posted at the same time as my post asking for a nice rich man, lol. I have lots of things to consider now, it is…"
1 hour ago
Leann McClain commented on Judy Nicely's photo

Painted Hearts #3

"Love the orange fabric in the hearts. Beautifully done. "
1 hour ago
Leann McClain liked Judy Nicely's photo
1 hour ago
Leann McClain liked Judy Nicely's photo
1 hour ago
Leann McClain commented on Judy Nicely's photo

Confetti Toss Blk 2 set 1 & 2

"Beautiful!  Love the black with the bold, bright colors! "
1 hour ago
Leann McClain liked Judy Nicely's photo
1 hour ago
Linda Frances Beasley commented on TQPM's group Fat Quarter Fun
"Thank you Leann, this leaves me lots to ponder.  Of course if I decide which one I would like to go for, unless they have a main dealer in Spain, I will have to wait until my club have it back on offer again. I am not in a rush,( but…"
1 hour ago
Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep) commented on Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep)'s photo


"Thank you Rita. Now if I can just find a place to lay it out to layer it. Then I can start to quilt it. And I also need to find the purple I used for the narrow borders. I want to use it for binding. I am sure I put it somewhere safe so I…"
9 hours ago
Leann McClain commented on TQPM's group Fat Quarter Fun
"My Singer (was top of the line when I bought it) will resize up to 20% larger or smaller, the Bernina more.  When you resize an embroidery design the stitching will be affected if more than 20% (too loose when bigger, too tight when smaller).…"
14 hours ago
Linda Frances Beasley commented on TQPM's group Fat Quarter Fun
"Hi Leann, Thanks for your very helpful answer. I'm afraid because of where I live  --  Mountains of Spain  -- plus I am disabled, I will more than lightly buy from my craft club which is on line, and on TV selling channel,…"
19 hours ago
Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group TQPM EQ Creativity Call
"Blick all purpose newsprint is what i have been using also.  Here is a link. I only ordered a couple of reams from them, as paper foundation piecing is not one of my favorite ways to piece."
19 hours ago
Sandie Singer commented on TQPM's group Fat Quarter Fun
"Hi Linda, it's me again,  To finish answering your questions......  I've seen the Janome MC 11000 on Ebay, for a decent fair price and as long as the seller has a good feed back, I would not hesitate to buy it there.  I…"
20 hours ago
Sandie Singer commented on TQPM's group Fat Quarter Fun
"Hello answer your questions.  I own 7 (seven) Embroidery machines.  I cannot part with any of them or trade them in when I buy a new one because I love what they all do.   Each have their own special…"
20 hours ago
Judy Nicely commented on TQPM's group Cardinal Points Mystery Quilt
"I also have a Droid phone.  If you download an app to both your phone and computer called "Dropbox" (it's something like a "cloud")  It stores your pics automatically on both devices out in the sky (tee hee). …"
20 hours ago

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Needle-Turn Appliqué: Hints, Tips and Advice 16 Replies

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Flying Balloon Zoo:  On the Fence? I was on the fence with this one as well. I am a tester for TQPM and when this pattern came up for testing I was undecided as to whether to sign up for it. I had a few other projects on the go and wasn't sure if…Continue

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Blog Posts

Company and Rain

Posted by Bonny Peters on October 16, 2014 at 8:47am 1 Comment

Doesn't it always seem to happen this way - company arrived last evening and the rain arrived this morning. Fortunately the rain will be gone by the end of the day and our company is flexible so we might enjoy some good weather with them too.

We will still do some adventuring and exploring with them today. They are both photographers like my husband so I'm we'll find some nice places for them to photograph. We also have to go to our CSA today to pick up our share for the week. That will be part of their adventure.

I figured out what to make for the 4 additions to my gift list. I ordered fabric and selected patterns yesterday. Crisis is averted. Now I just need to keep making progress on all of them.  I'm about halfway through all of the work. As they get quilted I will add pictures.

Oh, No!

Posted by Bonny Peters on October 14, 2014 at 10:21pm 0 Comments

I realized something terrible today. I had forgotten 4 people on my Xmas gift list. That's four more projects to add - fabric to find, patterns to select, tops to piece, etc., etc. I have some ideas for 3 of them but will have to ponder the 4th. I thought I had everything under control but now ...

My projects for Xmas number 32 now. Four are finished. Seventeen other tops are complete. Seven I have the fabric but not a pattern yet. Life I said, I thought I had everything under control. Adding the 4 with nothing ... well, we'll see.

On the plus side, the construction project is moving along. The foundation walls were poured yesterday and the forms came off today. Our hole in the ground is starting to look like something. The new roof on the existing house is up. The men are working on the soffits and fascia now. Next up is blowing in the insulation and installing attic flooring. Space will free up in our house, it will stay warmer and it will be quieter!

The other good news is that my brother and his wife will be flying up from Florida to spend the holidays with my sister and I. It will be the first time the 3 of us have been together for the holiday since the 70's. We'll spend the holiday at my sister's in Liverpool, NY. It will be chaotic and noisy. My husband will hate it. Of course, we've spent the over 30 years hosting Christmas dinner for his family so it's my family's turn.


High Expectations for the end of 2014

Posted by Bonny Peters on September 24, 2014 at 9:16pm 6 Comments

Today, real work started on our addition. The addition will consist of a 3 stall garage with a room and half bath above plus a transition room connecting the new with our existing house. This transition room will house the stairs up and down. Four trees came down today - 2 cherry and 2 red oak. Tomorrow they go off to the saw mill. An existing retaining wall and concrete pad were yanked up and removed. The stakes with tape marking the area where the new construction will be are all in disarray. Even our garden shed got slid a few feet to make way for progress.

On the other side of our house sits our 12 x 16 foot deck. It has been pulled all the way around the house and will be reattached where a new door will be installed. This new door will replace the existing window in our bathroom. In time, the bathroom will be moved into a larger space which is currently my sewing room.

At 10 x 10 feet minus a closet that is 4 x 3 feet, my sewing room room holds a 40" x 60" table, a 36" x 60" desk, 2 short and 1 tall bookcase. Stash and batting in waiting takes up the floor space on one side of the table. On the other side I can sit either facing the table to sew or my desk. There are also shelves on the wall over one end of the table that holds more stash. In order to layer a quilt, the sewing machine goes on the floor under the table.  Cozy, yes; comfortable, no.

The new room will be 32 x 16 feet. It will only be 5 feet high along the sides where we will have some built-in storage. Of course, I will have to share this new space with my husband. He is an avid photographer and has boxes of equipment and images (slides, negatives, CDs, enlargements) that have been in boxes since we moved last summer.

I am dreaming of the day when I will have a real sewing cabinet and won't be sewing with the machine up on a table. My shoulders and neck are relaxing just thinking about that. I'll have a separate table for cutting and layering quilts. Plus my desk…


What I Hate about quilt making!

Posted by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) on June 15, 2014 at 4:30pm 23 Comments

I believe I have found the one thing that I hate the most about quilt making: ironing yardage of fabric after it comes from the washer and dryer!

I am in the process of ironing 10 (ten) yards I recently purchased for a current project.  Even though I was able to cut it into three segments, that is still a lot of yardage to iron.

And yes, I have to wash it.  Terrible thing, you know, to be allergic to some of the chemicals used in your avocation.

Is there something you hate about quilt making?

Drowning in Stash

Posted by Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep) on April 25, 2014 at 12:04pm 6 Comments

Well I am looking for a piece of border print fabric today. Since I haven't been able to find it, I did the dreaded . I started taking fabric out of a 5'x2' closet that has stretched out into the room. Now covering an area about 5"x8"x6" high. Some of it is in boxes. Some in ziplocks. But most just stacked.

Here is a picture of what I have removed so far.

Frantic, thou name is ...

Posted by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) on April 10, 2014 at 2:23pm 1 Comment

I am trying to work through a pile of UFOs that have been resting on my flannel board for ages.  A number of them are tops that I have pieced as I have been testing patterns for The Quilt Pattern Magazine as well as other designers.  So far this year I have removed and quilted thirteen items. Admittedly most of them have been table runners, table toppers or small wall hangings, but they are now finished!

Today I removed the top three pieces and laid them aside briefly so I could see what was under them.  These three are lap sized or larger and will require a larger area cleaned up on my cutting table before I can get them pin basted for quilting.

Under them I found three table toppers that had been pieced and were waiting for the appliqué pieces to be added before they are ready to quilt.  In the pile of fabric I have stacked on and next to my cutting table, I found the section that went with these three tops.  I normally do not put the fabric away until the top is finished, or at least until the piecing is done and the binding is made and the top is ready to quilt.  We will discuss piles of fabric at another time.

However, the pattern was not with the fabric.  Nor was it in my pile of paperwork.   And since this was not a TQPM pattern it was not available on my computer.  One of the benefits of TQPM, I could have gone back to the issue it was in and downloaded it again.


Luckily, after a little more digging I found one of my  plastic storage containers that had the fabric I was using to make bias for the stems.  It also contained my bias tape makers.  And on the bottom of the container I located the directions for the tops with the applique templates.


Now, I just need to make more quarter-inch bias for the stems, get everything cut out, find matching thread, and then I can have a nice relaxing hand appliqué project to do in the evenings.

Question:  Do you…


In the Beginning

Posted by Cindy Mccoy (TQPM staff) on April 3, 2014 at 7:55pm 3 Comments

I have been working all day on a beginner project.  It is for the newsletter after the "Around a Star" mystery.  Boy am I all tuckered out!  And I am only half way done.  I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Batting frustrations (and I do not mean baseball)

Posted by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) on April 1, 2014 at 1:26pm 1 Comment

I have been trying to use up scraps of batting lately as I have been quilting table runners and smaller projects.  Today I was going to baste a table runner that measures 40" x 22".  I have a piece of black batting that would be perfect, only it measures 44" x 21-3/4".  Not enough of a difference to piece some more onto it as I will often do.

Guess this one goes back into the pile and I will have search for some more appropriately sized piece(s).



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