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Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep) commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"I am anxious to see the first installment so I can see if I have enough scraps that will work with this. Hope everyone posts their fabric choices unless of course it is picking them each month as the parts are released."
1 hour ago
Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep) commented on TQPM's group Your First Quilt Workshop
"Thank you Bonny. RB the stocking reminded me of a crazy patch quilt so some fancy stitches needed to be added. Of course a "real" crazy quilt would have been made with touches of silk and velvet placed just right and with all the stitches…"
1 hour ago
Kathryn Errante commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"Looking forward to another fun mystery quilt with this group--especially after reading these hilarious comments. Glad to know it will be easy sewing with 9 patch blocks. I have no idea what I will use yet for fabric; I haven't looked at my…"
2 hours ago
Denise Mohler (PeePs Rep) commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"I agree with Bonny, lots of fun easy sewing...."
2 hours ago
Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) commented on TQPM's group Fancy Fences Mystery
"My second version will have a totally different vibe - moe spring than summer. I'm sure you have some fabric that will work. I just hope your work doesn't take up your sewing time."
4 hours ago
RB commented on TQPM's group Fancy Fences Mystery
"I really REALLY look forward to some time in my sewing room. I'm going to really REALLY try to make it happen. And I really REALLY wish I had purchased that Island Fabric you made yours with."
5 hours ago
RB commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"Sometimes it goes live the evening before the 1st. But I suppose that may depend on your time zone. I'm a zone behind so it will open for me by 11: pm tomorrow. But with any luck I'll be in bed... don't laugh ... it could happen."
5 hours ago
Roxana Whitner (TQPM staff) liked TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
6 hours ago
Roxana Whitner (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"Well, I count less than two days sine June 29 is almost over. Will it not start until late in the day? I'm loving all the comments."
6 hours ago
Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) replied to Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff)'s discussion June 2016 UFO Challenge
"No basting yesterday or today.  That leaves me one more day to see if I can get at least one more top basted (I am hoping to do my "Chocolate Covered Cherries (Stars)". However, I did start sewing some of my GFG blocks together while…"
6 hours ago
Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"RB, 3+ pages of comments is spelt: ANTICIPATION!"
6 hours ago
Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"According to my calculations, I have a little over one day to wait for the start. I am planning to use stash/scraps and am thinking of working with my modified rainbow colors since there are 8 blocks in each row (add pink and turquoise/teal,…"
6 hours ago
Profile IconJoyce Cuillerier, Kathryn Errante and Jada Daniel joined TQPM's group

9-Patch Rows Mystery

Cindy Mccoy’s 9-Patch Rows mystery…See More
7 hours ago
Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"Lots of fun easy sewing is good with me!"
10 hours ago
Profile IconCarol Martin, Lynne Woodroffe and 2 other members joined TQPM's group
10 hours ago
RB commented on Roxana Whitner (TQPM staff)'s photo

2016 Round Robin - VQG

"Fun concept. It's very pretty."
10 hours ago
Cindy Mccoy (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"I hope y'all will not be to disappointed.  This is a very simple mystery.  But ... there will be a lot of easy fun sewing.  8o)"
10 hours ago
RB commented on TQPM's group 9-Patch Rows Mystery
"What I think is hilarious is the party doesn't start for two more days, but there are 3 pages of comments already. I think we are all a little excited. No pressure, Cindy."
10 hours ago
RB commented on TQPM's group Your First Quilt Workshop
"Love the stitching on the stocking. It looks so fun! Nice job."
10 hours ago
Denise Mohler (PeePs Rep) commented on TQPM's group Chocolate Stars
"Marsha, very pretty love the colors...."
14 hours ago

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Fancy Fences Mystery

We begin a new mystery quilt by Bonny Peters called Fancy Fences.

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9-Patch Rows Mystery

Cindy Mccoy’s 9-Patch Rows mystery will be a lot of fun! Here is a hint or two: Nine Patch Blocks and rows that change. Enough said! It won't be a mystery if any more is revealed.

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Let’s begin a new appliqué block-of-the month with Carolyn Milne’s wonderfully fun Critter Day at the Circus.

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June 2016 UFO Challenge 110 Replies

June...The month conjures up all sorts of summer time activities: playing baseball, swimming (in the pool, lake or ocean), sailing, picnics, watching and trying to catch fireflies...In the U.S.A. we will honor our fathers and our flag this…Continue

Tags: June 2016, UFO Challenge

Started by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) 6 hours ago.

Finishing Your Quilts 15 Replies

 Do you use a long-arm or domestic machine?  Or do you send it out to be quilted?  If you quilt your own how do you decide on which quilt pattern to use?  Do you use stencils, embroidery machines or just free motion?  Do you have a favorite quilter…Continue

Started by Denise Mohler (PeePs Rep) in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Denise Mohler (PeePs Rep) on Sunday.

Goodbye Old Friend 8 Replies

I've just switched out my very old and much used cutting mat. Do any of you clever quilters know of a use for it? I hate to send it to the landfill if there is another option.Continue

Started by RB in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Rita A on Friday.

Looking for suggestions 13 Replies

Whew! My arm and hand are killing me.I had to make templates for a quilt I am making. I usually just use paper ones but I want to make this quilt again so decided to use template plastic.The one I used was the heavy duty. Man is it thick. Rotary…Continue

Started by Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep) in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep) Jun 8.

May 2016 UFO Challenge 64 Replies

May Day!   May Day!Does that sound like a distress call (maybe too many UFOs being sighted)?  Or do you see a May Pole with brightly colored ribbons, beautiful flowers and people celebrating?May is the month of celebrating life and moving forward.…Continue

Tags: May 2016, UFO

Started by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) May 31.

Circus critters 1 Reply

I have just joined. And wondering how others are doing the applique such tiny pieces. It mentions to glue. But is that strong enough. Any hints would be helpful. I really want to do this quilt. Thanks. Pat

Started by Pat White in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) May 6.

Blog Posts

Quilt Basting

Posted by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) on June 26, 2016 at 3:03pm 11 Comments

Basting a quilt, either with thread or with pins, has never really been high on my favorite quilting activities.  Lately it has even become more of effort.

I have never been able to baste a quilt on the floor.  Injuries to both my knees, resulting from a car accident when I was in my 20s, has kept me from kneeling for any length of time for any reason.

I used to go into the church fellowship hall, set up some of the 8-foot long tables, push them together, layer my quilt sandwich, and then start basting, often laying on top of the tables to reach the middle of the quilt.  I could spend all day, sometimes basting two or even three large quilts.  After awhile though, leaning over the tables began to put a strain on my back.  Even putting the legs up on cans or bed risers did not raise them high enough for me.

Later, after purchasing a large cutting table from a local fabric store, we customized the height so I would not have to bend over as much, and this released the strain on my back.  I was back to being able to baste a number of quilts in a day with no problems.

A couple of unintentional falls (are falls ever intentional?), degenerative arthritis, and age has made even using my cutting table for basting a little more of a task, as I can no longer stand for any length of time.

I have five quilts, I want to get basted.  The smallest is throw size.  The largest is almost a queen.  The cutting table has been cleared off.  I have one of the tops already laid out and sandwiched.  I have started pin-basting. 

As I said, I have started.  I am now taking a short break, at least until my legs stop hurting. Then I will go back and baste some more.  Now days I prepare one section of the quilt sandwich, take a break, baste, take a break, baste, take a break, baste, take a break, move the quilt sandwich to do the next section, take a break, baste, etc., etc.  Eventually I will get this one finished and start on the next…


If you cannot take the heat ...

Posted by Nancy - Cat Lady (TQPM staff) on June 10, 2016 at 5:01pm 2 Comments

It is over 90° outside, too hot to do much, better to stay inside where it is cooler with the ac on.

I decided to do some piecing. So what do I do, turn on the iron to iron fabric and press seams. Do you have any idea how much heat a steam iron can generate!

I know my quilting friends will understand this oxymoronic juxtaposition.

Time Shortage.

Posted by Rita A on May 22, 2016 at 7:30am 5 Comments

Today and probably tomorrow we are putting down flooring in the  living room and master bedroom.  We only managed 3 rows in 7 hours yesterday.I was nearly ready to become an abuser! 

Today our grandson and his cousin and our daughter will be here to help.  If any of the guys make a suggestion, he will do it.

Then in the next week we need to get vinyl siding on the add-on room. All of that has to be done so we can get an inspection. and it will be in these first 2 weeks. 

Shaking, I moved things I shouldn't have and am suffering for it.  Won't mention it, and will move as normally as  I can.

It didn't help that I jambed my bad shoulder on a door frame.

I hope some Aleve will help.

Quilting Superstitions

Posted by RB on April 4, 2016 at 9:30pm 1 Comment

My oldest son is a baseball fan. I'm not sure how it came about because he's never played. It may have been my fault for giving him the initials MLB. One of his treasures is a fist full of grass clipping from Yankee Stadium. The great part about being a Yankee's fan is that it makes him easy to shop for. Anything Yankee's will make him happy. I once gave him a toaster that branded your bread with the Yankee's logo. He thought he'd died and gone to toast heaven.

Baseball players are notoriously superstitious. From lucky socks that can't be laundered to tapping the plate before an at-bat to fans wearing their hats inside out, the list of baseball superstitions is long, sometimes ridiculous and often disgusting. But enough about that.

What about quilters? Are there quilting superstitions? Yes! there are many, and I dare say, none involve spitting.

-Only a brides quilt, begun after the lady is engaged to be married, should be quilted with heart motifs. This quilt should be the 13th quilt prepared for the brides hope chest and never used before the wedding night.

-Remember the movie a few years ago that referenced the family's lucky quilt? They called it the Baby Maker.

-Quilts should never be started on a Friday, Good Friday excepted. If so, they will never be finished. Check your stash of UFO's. Any of them started on a Friday?

-I know a quilter that keeps a scrap of every quilt she makes.

I haven't been quilting long but I already have my own superstition: Anything stitched after midnight will need to be unstitched in the morning. It has proven true on too many occasions to ignore. Luckily, I won't be tearing them out with my teeth as a punishment for stitching on the Sabbath.

What about you? Do you have any quilting superstitions? I'd love to hear about them.

Goo Gone?

Posted by RB on March 8, 2016 at 9:41pm 7 Comments

Today I learned what GooGone will remove, and what it won't.

Ruler markings? Gone! Tape residue? Still there.

I don't think there is an emoji for this.

Organization: To Do or Not To Do, That is the question.

Posted by Bonny Peters (PeePs Rep) on March 6, 2016 at 7:42am 5 Comments

Organization can be a wonderful thing. Everything in its place and a place for everything. It is unusual though that happens in our sewing spaces consistently. We work on one project and start another. We get bored with a project and set it aside. New stuff comes and gets set somewhere until you have time to store it because you are busy working on something that has a deadline.

Companies have developed all sorts of bins and buckets for organizing our things. There are boards your can wrap your fabric around. There are clear bins and colored bins. Where should your sewing machine feet go? Is your rotary cutter near your cutting mat? What about the accessories to ironing? Where do you keep your starch/sizing? On the ironing board or nearby? What do you want sitting out handy and what should be hidden from view? There are so many questions to be answered before you can have all things in their place.

I've tried a lot of different storage solutions. Some have worked for me and others have not. It is a work in progress to get everything assigned its place. Maybe if I only quilted, it would be easier. But I also do machine embroidery and counted cross stitch. Those supplies also need a home. Then there are the myriad of books and patterns that have accumulated. Did I really buy that twice? Goodness, I need to create an inventory of then so that doesn't happen again. But I know it will.

Over half of my fabric is assigned to a pattern. Maybe closer to 70%. I have kits I've bought and kits I've created. Quite a few 'kits' are for patterns I have designed. I need to get busy with them so I can check the pattern and post them for sale. Sewing is more fun though so that tends to get done first. Then there are the designs I've created that need instructions written. There are about a dozen of those still to do. I want to create custom quilting designs for them. The software I have will create many formats of embroidery files. Maybe folks will want to…


What's Wrong?

Posted by RB on February 15, 2016 at 8:31pm 4 Comments

One of the first non-patchwork quilting classes I signed up for when I started quilting a few years ago was an applique class. I had done some other types of handwork off and on throughout my life and I thought I might enjoy applique. I love the freeing feel of making any design you can dream of with fabric. In that first class I learned that "Applique is done by sewing one fabric on top of another."  With that nougat of wisdom and a demo of the basic stitch, we were turned loose to work magic with needle, thread and fabric. After a significant learning curve, I thought I'd gotten pretty good at it so I signed up for another, more advanced, class.

In the second class we were taught several different methods of applique. There was needle turn, template and several choices of Freezer Paper applique. I fiddled with those techniques for a while and realized there was more to this than I had imagined. In another class, I was told if you don't make a vinyl overlay and add your pieces in precise order, you were doing it "wrong". Yet another class I learned if you didn't use a specific needle, hold that needle exactly so and use your thumbnail to pinch the fabric together, you were again doing it "wrong". And I learned the top fabric should appear to be painted on, not sewn on, or it's "wrong". This year I've signed up for an applique Block of the Month. Yet another applique method, this one involving glue sticks, has been encouraged.

I've given each one of these techniques a good faith effort, regardless of pain or frustration. Has my applique skill improved? Probably. But I'm not convinced the improvement has been a result of the many techniques I've tried, so much as a result of the many stitches I've stitched. In the end I've learned that sometimes I like my applique to look poofy. And sometimes I like it to lay flat. Usually I just want one fabric sewn on top of another, just like I learned in the beginning, and whatever method, or combinations of…


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