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Bonny Peters commented on TQPM's group In the Beginning
"Audrey - Hopefully, you'll be able to sew after surgery when you aren't taking pain pills. Maybe you could make a harness for your cat that keeps him away while you are sewing. I hope all goes well and you recover quickly."
1 hour ago
Cindy Mccoy (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group In the Beginning
"Ouch!  I hope your finger heels quick Audrey."
5 hours ago
Audrey Goodwin liked TQPM's group In the Beginning
13 hours ago
Audrey Goodwin commented on TQPM's group In the Beginning
"The design of this project is 'simply' beautiful especially for a newbie like myself. I've been sewing since I was 13 but only quilting for less than two. I'm having surgery on July 31st (of course, the day before) to have a…"
13 hours ago
Cindy Mccoy (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group In the Beginning
"Sandie, log in at You will find a link to "In the Beginning" BOM in the left side bar.  Fabric requirements will be post the first of August."
21 hours ago
Sandie Singer commented on TQPM's group In the Beginning
"I am a new subscriber.  What must I do to register to join the "In the Beginning" project and get the instructions.   Where can I find the Intro. list so I can choose my color scheme and fabrics?  …"
21 hours ago
Profile Iconcrafty and Arlene Crawford joined Pattern Pastiche
23 hours ago
Maggie commented on TQPM's group Home Is Where the Heart Is!
"thanks Cindy. i love these houses. just wish i had more time. i've been taking notes. we do the 'snowbird' move every 6 months and my plan is to make a small quilt going from snow to no snow. so far it's only in my head. thanks…"
Cindy Mccoy (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group Home Is Where the Heart Is!
"Maggie - There are pictures in some of the comments.  Scroll down the "Comment Wall" till you get at the bottom of the page.  Then check the box with a number 2 in it.  That will bring up older comments.  Scroll down…"
Maggie commented on TQPM's group Home Is Where the Heart Is!
"how do i see the photo's that everyone is talking about?  my only option is 'all photos'. i only want the house and neighborhood pix. none of the comments include pictures.  maggie"
Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep) commented on TQPM's group Home Is Where the Heart Is!
"That sounds like a great idea Barbara. For a playmat you could also go with a smaller quilt. Say half the blocks. Also if anyone has an embroidery machine you could also add little people or pets on the blocks and sashing. Make it look like a lived…"
Nancy - Cat Lady (staff) left a comment for Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep)
"Thanks Joanne for the comment on my Ironing Pad.  Sounds like the tote you made would be very useful.  There never seems to be enough pressing surfaces available at retreats and workshops."
Nancy - Cat Lady (staff) left a comment for Bonny Peters
"Thanks Bonny for the comment on my Ironing Pad.  I had gone to the store to pick up the silver heat resistant fabric (could not find what I knew I had here at home) and saw this collection of gray coordinates.  Sometimes I think I am in my…"
Barbara Douglas (TQPM Staff) commented on TQPM's group Home Is Where the Heart Is!
"Has anyone considered adding roads instead of sashing. I had considered using gray and yellow fabric to make the sashing, but thought it might be too juvenile for the model quilt/pattern. But when I get my original practice blocks done, I am going…"
Barbara Douglas (TQPM Staff) commented on TQPM's group Home Is Where the Heart Is!
"Hey everyone! Anyone have blocks to share.  If you have questions on sharing photos or need help in any way, click on my highlighted name and send me an email and we will see if we can get your photos uploaded.  But don't despair,…"
Barbara Douglas (TQPM Staff) commented on TQPM's group Home Is Where the Heart Is!
"Bonny, we look forward to seeing your Neighborhood when it is quilted. "
Cindy Mccoy (TQPM staff) commented on TQPM's group Home Is Where the Heart Is!
"What a wonderful neighborhood Bonny!  Thank you so much for sharing."
Judy Nicely commented on TQPM's group Home Is Where the Heart Is!
"Bonny, this is absolutely beautiful.  You have done a wonderful job.  I love all the little details.  Way to go!!!!!"
Bonny Peters commented on TQPM's group Home Is Where the Heart Is!
"Thank you all for your comments. Now it goes in the to-be-quilted pile. The plan is to finish it before winter. I'll share a picture when it is done. I'm looking forward too seeing what everyone else has done. Share some pictures, please!"
Rita A commented on TQPM's group Confetti Toss Mystery
"I have 3 blocks finished.. lol,  not really, just about half done.. just having a hard time finding time to sew!"

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Needle-Turn Appliqué: Hints, Tips and Advice 4 Replies

Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep)  and I have been having a discussion about needle-turn appliqué.  I know there are a lot of members of Pattern Pastiche who use this method of…Continue

Tags: needle-turn appliqué

Started by Nancy - Cat Lady (staff) in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Nancy - Cat Lady (staff) on Sunday.

Paper Piecing 9 Replies

I was wondering if I could take a regular quilt block pattern and make into a paper piecing pattern so I could get my points better?  And if so how would I do this?Continue

Started by Gay Reeder in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Gay Reeder Jul 14.

Tug Boat Quilt from April 6 Replies

I finally got the  Photo loaded of the Tug Boat quilt I made  from the April  issue I think for my Sister's Great Grandson. In the Photo's  I hope I did it right.  Carol Morgan in Delaware Continue

Started by Carol Morgan in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Carol Morgan Jul 3.

Do you have a Thompson Mini Walking Foot sewing Machine #PW-201

Found this manual at a thrift shop - if anyone has this machine and needs the manual, please write me and I'll be glad to send it to you.   best wishes,  MarionContinue

Started by Marion Jonker in Members' Discussions Jun 29.

Labels: How and/or When? 18 Replies

Question for you all (or it really two questions?):How and/or when do you add your label?Sometimes I add the label after the quilt is all done.Most of the time I add it after the top is quilted and then sew it on with the binding.Today I have sewn…Continue

Started by Nancy - Cat Lady (staff) in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Phyllis A Knafelc Jun 2.

hacked email 1 Reply

want to let everyone know- just in case- my email was hacked over the weekend- so, if any of you receive an email from me saying i'm in Turkey & need i'm not, no I don't. I am safely home sewing...this originated from a quilt shop I…Continue

Started by Colleen K Froats in Members' Discussions. Last reply by Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep) May 27.

Blog Posts

What I Hate about quilt making!

Posted by Nancy - Cat Lady (staff) on June 15, 2014 at 4:30pm 23 Comments

I believe I have found the one thing that I hate the most about quilt making: ironing yardage of fabric after it comes from the washer and dryer!

I am in the process of ironing 10 (ten) yards I recently purchased for a current project.  Even though I was able to cut it into three segments, that is still a lot of yardage to iron.

And yes, I have to wash it.  Terrible thing, you know, to be allergic to some of the chemicals used in your avocation.

Is there something you hate about quilt making?

Drowning in Stash

Posted by Joanne Maner (PeePs Rep) on April 25, 2014 at 12:04pm 5 Comments

Well I am looking for a piece of border print fabric today. Since I haven't been able to find it, I did the dreaded . I started taking fabric out of a 5'x2' closet that has stretched out into the room. Now covering an area about 5"x8"x6" high. Some of it is in boxes. Some in ziplocks. But most just stacked.

Here is a picture of what I have removed so far.

Frantic, thou name is ...

Posted by Nancy - Cat Lady (staff) on April 10, 2014 at 2:23pm 1 Comment

I am trying to work through a pile of UFOs that have been resting on my flannel board for ages.  A number of them are tops that I have pieced as I have been testing patterns for The Quilt Pattern Magazine as well as other designers.  So far this year I have removed and quilted thirteen items. Admittedly most of them have been table runners, table toppers or small wall hangings, but they are now finished!

Today I removed the top three pieces and laid them aside briefly so I could see what was under them.  These three are lap sized or larger and will require a larger area cleaned up on my cutting table before I can get them pin basted for quilting.

Under them I found three table toppers that had been pieced and were waiting for the appliqué pieces to be added before they are ready to quilt.  In the pile of fabric I have stacked on and next to my cutting table, I found the section that went with these three tops.  I normally do not put the fabric away until the top is finished, or at least until the piecing is done and the binding is made and the top is ready to quilt.  We will discuss piles of fabric at another time.

However, the pattern was not with the fabric.  Nor was it in my pile of paperwork.   And since this was not a TQPM pattern it was not available on my computer.  One of the benefits of TQPM, I could have gone back to the issue it was in and downloaded it again.


Luckily, after a little more digging I found one of my  plastic storage containers that had the fabric I was using to make bias for the stems.  It also contained my bias tape makers.  And on the bottom of the container I located the directions for the tops with the applique templates.


Now, I just need to make more quarter-inch bias for the stems, get everything cut out, find matching thread, and then I can have a nice relaxing hand appliqué project to do in the evenings.

Question:  Do you…


In the Beginning

Posted by Cindy Mccoy (TQPM staff) on April 3, 2014 at 7:55pm 3 Comments

I have been working all day on a beginner project.  It is for the newsletter after the "Around a Star" mystery.  Boy am I all tuckered out!  And I am only half way done.  I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Batting frustrations (and I do not mean baseball)

Posted by Nancy - Cat Lady (staff) on April 1, 2014 at 1:26pm 1 Comment

I have been trying to use up scraps of batting lately as I have been quilting table runners and smaller projects.  Today I was going to baste a table runner that measures 40" x 22".  I have a piece of black batting that would be perfect, only it measures 44" x 21-3/4".  Not enough of a difference to piece some more onto it as I will often do.

Guess this one goes back into the pile and I will have search for some more appropriately sized piece(s).

Welcome to Quilted Inspirations

Posted by Karen Rogers on March 9, 2014 at 6:52pm 0 Comments

Just finding time to share a little of what I do as a quilt designer, teacher, retreat coordinator, wife, mom and Nana.

Please visit my website and my blog and check out some of my creations.  

I am currently teaching at our amazing local quilt shop Quilter's Haven Below is the class I will be sharing. This is one of my original designs using the traditional "School House" Block. Also, is a banner I put together to compliment my quilt. Then, I put a twist on another "School House" quilt with a primary theme with a number of learning  factors, such as colors, letters, shapes and soon to be numbers. Just need to get it quilted.  Stop in at my website and blog and I hope you enjoy what I love to do! I am hoping to be more diligent in my posts and keeping you up to date with what I do.  Be sure to checkout my up-coming retreats.…

mystery quilt link

Posted by jamie crowe on December 31, 2013 at 7:31am 1 Comment

Hi Cindy

I clicked on the link for the new mystery quilt that is starting in January as instructed on the main page.  The new page has nothing on it about the new mystery quilt, am I missing something?


Husband on TV!

Posted by Nancy - Cat Lady (staff) on December 9, 2013 at 10:55am 2 Comments

Just wanted to share with you all a video clip of my dear Husband that aired on our local television station.

It was a early (and cold!) Saturday morning when we made our trek to the station for this live interview.

Hope you enjoy.  And if you are so inclined, please visit our website and see all of the beautiful ornaments we have to offer.



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